Kicking Ass 24-7 365.

The Retribution Industry is born. You pay cash, they kick ass. In this pilot episode, 2nd-generation martial-arts-mega-duo Ebony & Ivory embark on their first live broadcast mission with their team at Justice-For-Hire, Inc.. Adapted from the critically-acclaimed, "ultra-realistic" mixed martial arts comic book series. Animated by our fantastic partners at Willow Road Animation.

WINNER - 34th Annual Silver Telly Awards - Best Use of Animation Online 2013.

Creative Impulse™: The Motion Comics

In this teaser directed by Jan Lucanus, see what's to come from Creative Impulse™ and Willow Road Animation. Featuring the comic titles "JFH: Justice-For-Hire ®", "Bardo™", "Durga: The Geomancer™", "Faixa Preta: The Black Belt™", and "Tengu: A Ninja/Samurai Love Story™". Download digital comics now on

Paula Garces Presents "Aluna™"

Starring Paula Garces ("Harold & Kumar", "Warehouse 13") and based on the comic from art studio Creative Impulse™ Alliance and Furtherlane Productions. Directed by Jan Lucanus with animation from Emantras and original music by Sage Michael.