"JFH: Retribution Task Force" 2014 Short Film Trailer

Based on the most downloaded mixed martial arts comic book series, "JFH: Justice For Hire", this Kickstarter-funded short film takes the heroes of "JFH" to Papua New Guinea on a mission to help a native save his sister from a notorious Raskol Gang. Inspired by the real events in Port Moresby, PNG, currently considered the world's bloodiest city. Film coming 2014.

You Pay Cash. They Kick Ass.

JFH: Justice For Hire ®

Justice-For-hire is a family of heroes: the legendary fathers who started as vigilantes and the wild card sons who have turned the family business into a legalized empire of heroics for hire. But competition is on the rise...

JFH Film/Video Content Accolades:
WINNER - Entertainment Award - Los Angeles Accolade Competition 2006.
INDUCTEE - Budo International Magazine Hall of Fame 2005 - Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts for Motion Pictures.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2006 Gold Coast International Film Festival.
INDUCTEE - Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2007 - Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - San Diego Comic Con Kung Fu Extravaganza 2007.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - San Diego Comic Con 15th Annual Martial Arts Extravaganza 2012.