The world's leading digital comic book store. CIE's titles are some of the most popular and highest rated action/adventure and martial arts genre downloads on the platform.

Foundation Features

Foundation Features is an independent production company developing, packaging and producing high quality feature films and television by collaborating with some of the industry's most critically acclaimed and established directors, writers, and creative talent.

Spillwall Productions

A television and film development, financing, production and distribution studio focusing primarily on Family friendly content creation.

The company oversees most facets of Television and Film projects through internal development, strategic partnerships with world renowned writers, directors and producers and finally multi-platform distribution with an eye on the emerging internet delivery models.

Nine Dot Entertainment

“Think outside the box." This saying is derived from the infamous nine dot puzzle. Headed by a team whose recent credits include the creative executive position on Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland" and producer of Bruce Willis’ “Assassination of a High School President", Nine Dot Entertainment strives to think outside the box; using nontraditional means to achieve ambitious goals. NDE aims to stay ahead of the curve by discovering and developing compelling, commercial properties for film, TV, and new media with established and undiscovered talent.

Willow Road Animation

A computer animation studio with a romantic, old-world aesthetic and handcrafted charm. WRA provides design and production services to films and title/credit sequences for TV, film, and commercials with a mission to impart a unique visual experience along with personal characters and stories. CIE and WRA have partnered to produce motion comic animation based on CIE IP.

Mr. Butterscotch

Lifestyle brand and character created by renowned music manager Paul Shull.

Sage Michael™ Music

Sage Michael™ Music

Headed by Sage Michael, protégé of the multi-platinum Def Jam recording group “Dru Hill", Sage Michael Music has produced the majority of CIE’s soundtrack content to date that has been utilized in both live action and animated productions. As an integral part of the band “Dangerzone", Sage Michael has collaborated with music icons such as Ludacris, Mary J. Blidge, and T-Pain.

Martial Arts Creative Team

The action design team behind all of the live action and comic book martial arts choreography in the CIE roster of titles.™ is a cutting-edge digital content delivery system and community platform for the publishing world.’s first product focuses on comic publishers, creators and enthusiasts, and provides an immersive social experience and marketplace around digital comics and associated merchandise. The company is also looking to expand its community platform and become the de facto solution for artists and creators to interact with their fans and expand the reach and influence of their own content.’s head of development David Uslan was VP of development for his legendary father Michael Uslan, who has been involved in the production of every "Batman" film since 1989, including the 2008 blockbuster, "The Dark Knight", as well as numerous other major film releases. David works closely with CIE to exploit intellectual property, and for, is responsible for all feature film, television, digital property, and videogame acquisitions and development, has partnered with top tier agencies, and has set up television and feature film deals with many prolific companies.

Cog1 Entertainment

Production partners with Creative Impulse Entertainment on the initial 5 comic book properties "JFH: Justice-For-Hire", "Faixa-Preta", "Bardo", "Durga: The Geomancer", and "Tengu: A Ninja/Samurai Love Story". Cog1's SVP David Uslan, along side his legendary father Michael Uslan, has been involved in the production of every "Batman" film since 1989, including the 2008 blockbuster, "The Dark Knight", as well as numerous other major film releases.

Union Entertainment

Production company attached to the "JFH: Justice-For-Hire" film/television property. Based in Hollywood, CA, Union is the only talent management and production company specializing in videogames today and have been an integral part of the success of numerous high profile games, including the upcoming "Sin City" videogame, based on creator Frank Miller's hit comic books and film.