Creative Impulse™ Entertainment

Founded in 2003 by creator Jan Lucanus, Creative Impulse™ Entertainment (CIE) is home base for artists that fuse the mediums of comics, films, music, and games. An award-winning production company, Creative Impulse Ent. develops intellectual properties (IP) and produces original transmedia content. From comic creators to filmmakers, musical artists to game developers, independent producers to Hollywood executives, and new talent to veterans, the core of the Creative Impulse Ent. initiative is to collaborate with amazing people to make content for a global audience that intrigues, entertains, and inspires social change.

Creative Impulse Ent.'s flagship original property is the ultra-realistic mixed martial arts action/adventure title “JFH: Justice For Hire ®". Following our conviction to integrate all forms of media to create new experiences, "JFH" spans across a series of comic books, films, animations, and videos centered around a family of heroes: the legendary fathers who started as vigilantes and the wild card sons who have turned the family business into a legalized empire of heroics for hire. "JFH" is one of the most downloaded martial arts genre comic books on the market, and is currently in development as a live action feature film with Nine Dot Entertainment.

For third party client’s, Creative Impulse Ent.'s productions in commercial video, animation, graphic and web design, and custom comic book production have reaped numerous accolades and have attracted millions of users and viewers. Creative Impulse Ent. also consults for major brands, production companies, actors, and artists across media.

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